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by High Sunn

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i just met you the other day and i keep going insane And I’m fond of your eyes I like the way you try I feel like I can live again When you are holding my hand I can’t get you out of my head I look like a fool when I stand If I can ask for another date I think the year’s been made I dream if this ain’t a mistake I’ll get what I can take if it’s you And if it’s me I’ll be living happily please take me to the happy days I fall deep down to every maze I walk downtown with a hopeful gaze let’s see how many miles it takes for me to parade Around your face That leads my way if these memories will be yesterday I’ll thank you for the laughs u gave And for the life u saved You already did so much For me to feel new love I keep banging my head And I still see u on your bed if it’s you And if it’s me I’ll be living happily
It was the other night Where I saw you cry This was a real connection I felt for the very first time I listened to what your mother said Even jokingly I felt that it hit the head Because It feels like the very first time If only we didn’t fill these lines Fuck the others that didn’t care for our minds I’m glad I met you in this life You are mine and I’m ready to die You are life and I’m loving my time Let’s move out East and have a good life Where we will have stories down the line We been seeing each other everyday And I’m not complaining Cause you’re a meaning to the haze Your teeth is mangled around my neck And I love the way you look at me during our sex that’s why I always look to you since I see a future where we can tie our hearts into a noose
I fell in love after the sight of you I can’t believe it’s starting a new Filling my heart With all the little things The past me is so proud of me Do you understand Why I am happy to laugh Life is no longer bland Cause a hope is still on my track I believe you are the one to pull me back And I trust you’re the one To hold my hand Can you imagine that I fell deep in to you without comparing my past truth it’s no longer a part That’s haunting my dreams but it’s you you you you That’s starting to bloom and I can’t keep cool I see navy blue I just start to ignore all the why’s And enjoy what’s in front of my eyes I believe you are the one to pull me back And I trust you’re the one To hold my hand Can you imagine that
I left you at your job thinking if I could ever get this to your love I remember looking at the thighs of what I wish you never even had well ever had Baby if you tell me to I’ll be a problem that you cannot undo Tell me if is this is rude but you seem to never get a single clue That I want to tell her I thought I never could love again but she suspends in the air where I could breathe once again Once again I found the end Where she stands Im a little dead Is this a dream Or a simple feeling Your figure’s stain is always bleeding can you wake me up And call my bluff I pray to god that I want to be stuck have you heard of such A boy who cannot walk After witnessing a late night talk I could fucking love you If you gave me a chance this is the hardest part to Worse than the last dance
These past few nights I’ve been dreaming Of all these times I’ve been pleading to you that I may fall in love with you it’s scary to know this may be true let’s heal our cuts and fill our lungs with us If you ever told me that this ain’t a good idea I’d erase your worries From my plan that’d you would hear I’ve got your number To call to share a tear This is our summer If you’d like to care I know it may sound that I want You so bad But honestly these days have made me so glad I met someone who can take all my heart attacks I can’t tell if you want me to sell my soul to your spell I’ve been searching I’ve been hurting I’ve been living I’ve been killing my tendencies of despair when I found out u exist
Every time we sit I stare at your soft lips Everything you give I wanna hold your kiss The shade of all your skin Makes me want this love to begin Can it be you and me Speaking our names so softly As if we are something can you call me your human being I am falling for you now All the heartbeats that pound It Includes you somehow Somehow somehow What do we do now I am falling to the ground as if I am your hound every time you speak I get on my knees It gets me Wondering if you Can rly think of me As the one you can enjoy As the one can call your boy look at me I am finally smiling
Would you kiss me if you’re mad at me Would you hold me if I’m down at your knees Would you touch me if I told you my dreams Oh charlise you’re all I need I spent your whole birthday week Thinking if I’m the right thing And when id come over I want you to say that I’m weak I rly like you I think you’re rly cool I would want this forever The days with you are better so tell me if you’re wondering If I’m apart of your future’s story Would you kiss me if you’re mad at me Would you hold me if I’m down at your knees Would you touch me if I told you my dreams Oh charlise you’re all I need I’ll fix my posture to look good for you I’ll do anything that you tell me to Id follow your steps to every show with you I’ll annoy with words of love until you kick my shoes We’re the puppies And Our hearts are the leash The sweetness of your touch is a cavity
The tightness of the rope Feels as if I’m here to choke I fall deep to this hope That you’ll be here to throat The hidden grace you show All the vows I owe From the wounds you sow I guess I found my dope will you answer me now be my chains let me take What you say To liberate From this pain Can you stay And wash away To keep me sane I might be a crazy bitch But my heart is where my mind is Your tongue is on my lips Is this a seal of my wish All the little acts you show Makes my words so slow It’s too good to hoax Your room is what I loathe
Have you ever felt the walls are caving in The glory that I felt comes again The nervous ticks start to begin Oh girl where the hell have you been You are connecting the stars that align Amongst the rise, I see you as my sign to start anew with someone who shines I can feel the power of your light I hope this is true As I begin to know you I feel this is truth Where we can be each other’s fool I’m blacked out on love Wonder what this will become of Maybe call this luck I just want you as the one can you complete this photo frame While calling us a lovely taste I don’t ever want your figure to fade So please join me and paint my days I’ll be the boy that you’re proud to show I’ll be the boy thatll be there to cope Cause you’re worth it ur never worthless Ur the only one in my eyes
I hate the way you talk to yourself Like you don’t see the beauty I felt I try to ignore your pain But the images that you always display Pushes me to care With ur glistening stare It’s not rly fair that you kill a man with your glare It was The second you looked With your tears I wanted to cry Cause your heart is mine And I’m ready to fly I never want you to cry To cry I never want you to cry To cry you mean to world to me You’re the one that makes me breathe I never met someone who can take my life away from me Thank you darling
It’s 4 am and I’m thinking about you My heart is crashing without ur lips tune Today I wanted to stay the night over So I can wake up to you much closer cause I feel the need to Break through Your heart To start Making you addicted to me So we can share the feeling Of wanting the world together In arms And I’ll give you everything just to have you not part And I’ll wait for the second you stop Thinking of me And I’ll change the memory Cuz I want you For The longest time You’re the dream And you’ve been haunting me My existence Only revolves around ur current And I’m certain So certain


music and lyrics: Justin Cheromiah
"eleven poems featuring the pure heart of comfort"
written and recorded in 16 days in the bedroom
thank you to all the fans and everyone who has supported me since day one.
i am 22 years old now and I feel lucky to have you all.

cassette and cd release announcing week after release.

thank you to char, my family, tristin, all my coworkers, friends, and those who support me <3 4 ever

VINYL AVAILABLE HERE: www.daydreamrecordsofficial.com/store/p/high-sunn-real-connection-acquisitions


released June 23, 2022


all rights reserved



High Sunn San Francisco, California

High Sunn is a dreamo pop indie project founded by Justin Cheromiah in his bedroom at the age of 14.

contact: spacevampire308@gmail.com


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